Saturday, September 18, 2010

ABC Games!!

Some of the games we play at home to work on the ABCs Putti has just learnt.....

Game One:
Collect a pile of toys and random stuff from around the house. Then ask Putti to name them one after the other. When she calls out "Ball", I say "thats right it is a bbbbbball, can you tell the starting alphabet?".  It took her a couple of trials in the beginning but soon she got the game. 

Game Two:
Alphabet matching treasure hunt
Hold an alphabet card and go all around the house searching for things that begin with that alphabet. This game covers big things like  Television, Bed, Table etc....

Game Three:
This version is played when I am busy in the kitchen or doing laundry etc and Putti asks for the ABC game. In this game, I ask her to go get me something that begins with the letter 'B'. She goes and comes back with a ’Ball' or a ’Bunny'.

Game Four:
Putti loves "I Spy" books , I have adopted that concept to play a game. We pile her toys and then i say "I spy something that begins with the "b" sound" . Putti has to pick a ball from the pile:)

  1. Here I have written the alphabets on paint chips . You could use printed cards too.
  2. We sometimes use alphabet mat letters too.
  3. Magnetic alphabets can be fun to use.
  4. Store bought alphabet flash cards would be nice. too.
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Great information roopa. Keep posting more n more. You inspire me :) Thankyou

Sitaram: Nice games! Play & learning go parallel of course some time your routine work too. :-)

Sure shruz, you know i cant keep anything to myself, will keep sharing:)

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