Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here is Putti dressed as Petty Thief character 'Choori Chikkanna'

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Roopashri nimma kavana thumba arthapoornavagide.
Putti choori chikkana aagi ellara manavanna kadiddale. I appreciate her braveness in holding the knife !!!

wow Roopa putti ge innondu part haakideera ivattu!! choori chikkannana poshaaku tumba chennagide :) putta lungi antu tumba muddagide. putti acting superb!!

thanks roopa... we din't know about putti's activities, next time we'll be careful b4 putti comes to our place

Really nice blog.enjoyed reading all the articles abt putti.keep writing

Thanks shruthi for liking choori chikkanna and also my amateur poem!
I was scared too intially about she holding the knife. But i knew once she realises its sharp( i kept telling her "chucchu chucchu") she was careful too!

Thanks JyotiAjay for ur appreciation !! Keep visiting us:)

I was worried while watching video. She was holding the edge portion leaving handle in some shot.
putti being child no idea of choori. But your courage to be appreciated.
Nice poem. Poori chikkanna.
poori kuyyokko choori yaake

Thanks for your concern sir. I was equally tensed while shooting this.. But, believe me putti is a very cautious child, touch wood:)
I have seen her play with everything very cautiously, which made me give her the blunt knife.
Poori was added to make the rhyme:) Thanks!

allri pApa nim puTTige hIgella dress mADi pics hAktA iddIralla, doDDOLAdmEle i suppose she would be embarassed seeing these allva just kidding.
she looks real cute:)

-ಹೊಳೇನರಸೀಪುರ ವೆಂ. ನಾಗೇಂದ್ರ

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