Friday, July 24, 2009

Talking Putti....

Putti talks a lot and her vocabulary has been increasing day by day. When asked she answers Amma(mom)'s name as Poopa, Daddy's name "Emanth", grandpa's name "Maamu(Ramu), Grandparents live in "Indaa"(India) and also loves pointing out India, UK, Australia, USA on world map!

Loves pointing animals in her picture book. And here are her current favorite books:

  • Moo, moo who are you? : a fold-out surprise book
  • Peek-a-baby [Board book]
  • Peek-a-boo! : a lift-the flap book
  • Baby loves peekaboo! : touch-and-feel and lift-the-flap
  • What does baby do? : a first lift-the-flap book [Board book]
  • Bob's busy saw [Board Book]
  • What does baby say? [Board book]
  • Baby animals [Board book]
  • My big animal book
  • Pooh's 123
  • Fruity Cutie Colors
  • Baby Bop's Counting Book
  • Barney's Color ಸರ್ಪ್ರೈಸ್

She turns the pages of these books atleast 3-5 times per day and after finish 'reading' each book she will praise heerself as 'guggu' (meaning good girl" and in case her dad or me does not read to her when asked for she even knows to call us 'bobby' meaning bad boy;)

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makkalu todalu maataduvudannu keluvudee ondu sogasu...:):)

abba Roopa, putti eshtella maatu kaltidaaLe. noDi, keLi tumba khushi ayitu :)

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