Saturday, June 6, 2009

What language is this Putti?

Putti loves interacting with people. When someone talks to her be it any language she would nod her head enthusiastically as if she understood everything they said and give them back a big smile. But there are many a times that we cannot decipher what this multi-lingual expert of ours is speaking. I cannot make out what language she is speaking in? Recently, my friend's 3.5yr son Sid also got to experience this. In the video below, my girl who is 1yr 4mnths is chatting continuously while the little boy is confused and is asking "What? What?" repeatedly. And there is his little brother Sumukh who is the same age as Putti looking at these two.
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sahitya putti eshtu chennagi maatadtiya, namgu kalasi kodu ninn bhashe!! Wow you have not only invented the language also excelled it :)

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