Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everything Ends in the Mouth :)

Putti now loves to explore anything and everything by putting it in her mouth. And also she drools a lot which make us think she might be teething, but I dont see that happening near soon. While all her toys end up in her mouth so easily, it is at times impossible to feed her, she just refuses to open her mouth!
Toys, Cloths, Phone, paper and what not has ended up in her moth.

Oh this little crab is yummmmm!

This is my teether and its great to chew on it when filled with water...You wanna try?
It is boring to always eat with a tiny spoon. Maybe I should try this big spoon, what say? Food would be over soon and I can get back to my play right?

My house window blinds are so tasty you know ?

I am practicing how to operate the TV remote using my mouth :)

This one is my favorite... Dad's coffee mug!
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