Monday, May 14, 2012

Stack, Build, Smash and Play with Styrofoam Bowls

Ever since Putti has been able to sit upright and grab things with her hands, she has loved stacking and playing with blocks, plastic cups and containers from the kitchen and even cardboard boxes!! 
Styrofoam bowls are not common in my kitchen because they do not decompose easily and are not easy to recycle. But, I buy them for Putti's play and once bought they do last a very long time. She has even tried sewing with it. 
Stacking and building with Foam Bowls has always been a huge hit. Even friends that come over have played with these.  And smashing them down is bigger FUN !!! This is one of her favorite rainy day or sunny day(our us in Florida) and quiet time activities.
 Trying to see how tall a tower she could build and then off course knocking it all is fun fun.
 These bowls have probably gotten more use than many other toys. There is no need to buy expensive toys, she finds joy in the simplest thingsHere are some more pictures of her stacking the bowls and then smashing them down.
I have found them being built with, painted on, jumped over, filled with play food, water, used for imaginary play with her animals and little people and more!    
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love this! Hope to do this with my son in a few weeks, he will lov it!

My kids would have a blast building and knocking down. Thanks for reminder of how easy it really is to entertain them sometimes. Next time they're board I'll just get out the disposable plastic cups from the cupboard! Thanks for linking up with the Kids Co-Op this week.

Ooh, I can see lots of castles being made from those bowls. Smashing them up is the best bit!

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