Monday, February 20, 2012

Foam Triangles on Window!!

Remember the fun idea I had shared couple of months ago where I had cut geometric shapes from craft foam and let putti build castles with it on windows? Check out how she 'Build Castles with Foam'
Last week, I let Putti work with just one shape to create patterns and pictures. It's my favorite shape: a triangle. So I cut more triangles in different colors to our earlier stock and challenged her to make something with it. Here is what she came up with:
Mountains, as she call it!!!

Then I showed her how to make a fish...
 Later she made more fishes and added water for them :)
 And we built a rocket too....

She wanted me to make a star for her..

A fun project that challenges because of its limitations and has endless possibilities !!!

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Super fun! My kids used to have these pre cut in India and had so much fun. But all of us had forgotten about them. Have now added these to my dollar tree list for next time :) Thanks for sharing!

What a fantastic idea! I think I can find a window for this. My buddies will love it!

Amazing what you can create just using triangles! Always fascinates me how basic shapes really are.

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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