Monday, August 15, 2011

Putti is in Bengaluru, India !!!

Putti and myself are in my home town 'Bengaluru', India and are enjoying the company of family and friends. It has been so very busy ever since we got here, that I have hardly anytime to sit and browse the web.
Putti was extremely good, more than what I expected during the looooong flight journey which got a day delayed as one of our flight got delayed and we had to spend a day at Abu Dhabi Airport. She loved watching the big aeroplanes at airports, enjoyed talking to fellow passengers and made couple new friends.
She is spending time with her cousins and enjoying playing with them, visiting lots of new places etc.
I will try and make atleast one post per week from now on. But may not be able to visit my favorite blogs and link parties.
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Welcome to namma Bengalooru !
Hope putti & you are enjoying the stay..
Have loads of fun and enjoy !

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