Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wool webies and String stars

Well I dont know the actual name for these, but i recall having made many of these as a kid. A piece of cardboard in any shape with slits all around its edges and you go on wrapping embroidery or any colorful thread through the slits.
I wanted to try them with putti. First wanted to try a circle and putti insisted that she wanted to cut it and the circle was not so perfect, but its okay for us!! Then I cut little triangles instead of just slits thinking it might be easier for putti, all around the edge of circle (evenly spaced would look much neater). Older children might be able to manage this cutting part by themselves.
Taped one end of coloured wool(yarn) on the back of the card (to prevent the starting point from slipping)and started to wrap it around, going between the little nicks in a random order. I showed it 1-2 wraps and putti took it from there. She was a natural at it.. I challenged putti to go through all the nicks atleast once. Taped down the end of the wool when she said it is finished. You can do as little or more as you want.
This time i had used cereal box cardboard, and it bent bcos putti wrapped around tightly at times..and this was like 7-8inch wide!!

Putti really enjoyed making this one and said it looks like a web, so thats what we call them wool webbies!! Next time i used thicker corrugated cardboard so that it wouldnt bend like the first one. This time i cut a 5X7"rectangle and made the nicks and gave it to putti. She loved making this one too. Will be trying hearts and other shapes next time..
 And then I wanted to try the way i had made them as kid (without the triangular nicks) just with 1/2" slits all around the circular cardboard(4" diameter). Start wrapping the string (thread) around the cardboard. For a neat star, continue wrapping the thread in opposite slits.
 For next rounds, start thread in the same slit but wrap it one slit closer to the starting slit. Experiment a bit here and you'll see how easy it is :)
 Also for round 2, you may repeat using other contrasting colours and build up layers.  We call these string stars!!
 Putti wanted to try these too...I thought it might be difficult given that the thread has to pass through the little cuts, but she had no difficulty... 
 She has wrapped randomly and that looks nice too....
 They are lots of fun to make and really striking visually (the quality of these photos don't do much justice). As of now putti is just enjoying wrapping and unwrapping these webbies and stars.
  • Thick, coloured card or thin card glued onto a piece of cardboard should make it colorful.
  • These can be used to make cards, as hanging decoration, tree ornaments or decorating a package.
  • For the younger ones, using thick ribbons instead of wool might be helpful.
  • Heart shaped ones should make nice valentine gifts too.
  • If you make these with white threads, it would look like snowflakes, maybe.
  • A bunch of these together would make a colorful garland!
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We made these in star shape for Christmas - Star Ornaments!!!
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Oh these look lovely! And what a great activity for kids!! We have lots of left over bits of wool, so must give this a go with my son. I think he would enjoy!

Thank you again for stopping by Kids Get Crafty ;-)


Lovely! We did something almost identical for Valentine's Day. I love how no two turn out the same. Very pretty! (good for maths too!)
Thanks for linking to It's Playtime!

Thanks maggy. Yes, its lots of fun and once they get the idea they will beg for more.. This has become a one of the silent activities at home now:)


Thanks! hmm nice we r yet to try heart shaped ones.. btw any idea what are these called?
I come from weaver's family (my grandpa used to handweave silk sarees so had lots of silk thread to play with as a kid and that how i know this)


Great idea! I had made some sewing/lacing cards for my daughter sometime back. I think she would love this activity!

FYI Lacing cards -


Love how they turned out! Must try ourselves :)

This post has been featured in this week's High paw! Thanks for participation and hope to see you this week again with new great ideas!

Thanks Esther. She has been doing lacing too, you card look great! Love the shoe:)

Thanks for featuring this, its a honor!! Shall be glad to link up again.
Thank you!!

My kids love rubber bands! I am constantly telling them not to play with them (or chew on them). What a great way to use the stash for learning! Will definitely try this later. Thanks for linking up to It's Playtime.

Quirky Momma,
Thank you!! hmmmm rubber bands might work too, i have seen them with pegboards to make geometric shapes..

That is a great way to teach pattern!

Thanks for linking to Creative Juice! Hope to see you back this week...

Thank you! We are just playing now, maybe will get to patterning soon!
Thanks, will be back :)

What a neat idea. I could see my kids really enjoying this one. We'll have to give it a try!

Thanks so much for sharing this at my For the Kids Friday Link Party! I appreciate you stopping by. I will be posting this week's link party shortly. I'd love to see what you have to share this week!

Hope to see you soon!
:)rachel @

LOVE this, Roopa! Making stars with this weaving technique is so original! Pari and I must try our hands too.. :)

Thanks Rashmie! I am sure you both will love it, you can try all shapes :)

I included this idea on my weekly Do Something! Hope you can stop by and check it out.

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