Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paint on stretched canvas

For the art theme birthday party, the main activity i chose was paint on canvas. That will make a wonderful keep sake return gift too. I gave each of the kid one canvas with their names and date written on the back. The big girls Aneesa and Sarah had questions like "what is this? why not paint on paper like we do in school?" etc. And when i told them that most professional asrtists paint on these canvases they were thrilled!! Also told them when its done, its ready to be displayed on wall, no need for framing, they were more excited.

And when i gave them aprons to wear "its like the ones in our schools " they shouted with joy. And were happier when i said they can take it home after they are done with painting!!
Later i showed a couple of examples what we were planning to paint that day like here and here. And then we went on to put tape on canvases. Since it is difficult for putti and other little ones to pull and cut their tape. I offered to help all kids to cut tape for them in the length they asked for. Aneesa made an 'A', while her little sister made some parallel lines with the tape. Abhi akka took mom's help to make a little house, a flower (looked like a windmill) and an 'A' too. Shakti went on making windows for each of her family member with mom's help. But putti made some random patterns.

And once all were done with tape, i gave them little containers with crayola washable paint and a sponge brush. I did not want kids to mix up their colors and end up in muddy brown so to keep colors and brush clean, I asked the kids to pass on their paint containers along with the brush in them to the next person. This made sure all the kids got all the colors and also the brushes stayed clean ! They all enjoyed painting.

Watching these kids having so much fun, the littlest kid almost 2yr shishir come wanted to join too. And he enjoyed his time with paint for  awhile. I had plans of making foot and hand prints of him on canvas, as he had never been exposed to paint/ crayon earlier. But he decided to pitch in with the other kids:)

And when all were done, we left them to dry and carried on with other activities and snacking. When it was time to leave, gave the kids their canvases and they peeled off the tapes. 
They were all excited to take them home.
I had been wanting to try paint on canvas with putti for a long time and now want to do more....
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