Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writing Alphabets!

Putti loves singing the ABC song, but does not recognize all of the alphabets correctly. But she has begun to write many of letters esp the A,H,D,I etc Shakti's mother suggested me I should try alphabet coloring pages with her and do one alphabet per week. I did not want to push things onto Putti and yet wanted to help her learning so while browsing the web found the siteLetter of the week”. Loved their curriculum a lot. But since I had to wait for hemanth to get the print outs, I preferred writing the alphabets in big for Putti to trace and color over it. 

We also started playing hopscotch on our Alphabet Puzzle Mat. We would take turns calling out a number and the other person had to hop and go stand on the letter called out. She really loved correcting me when I hoped onto wrong alphabets. 
After one whole week of alphabet A, she really was not so keen on doing this letter tracing and coloring daily. But surprisingly she started recognising most of the alphabets correctly on her alphabet floor mat along with their phonics sound. But she still gets confused with the lower case b, d, p and q
And with grandparents at home, her outings increased but she loved pointing out to alphabets where ever we went museums, parks, grocery stores. Alphabets are her best buddies now and she takes great pride in writing those she has mastered! Here is a video of her writing alphabets on her Ikea Easel.  
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