Saturday, December 13, 2008

Putti's first flight !!!

We decided to celebrate Putti's first birthday in India along with family and friends! Putti hates being strapped in her infant car seat and so we were very worried how will we manage her on the flight. It really was a long and tiresome journey and we both were exhausted when we reached Bengaluru.

Here's she sleeping in her bassinet inside the flight..
We had about 4hrs+ waiting at Chicago Airport and Putti slept on the floor of airport itself..

While not asleep, Putti loved playing sitting in her bassinet..
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hi Putti, aeroplane prayaaNa hegittu?? gagana sakhiyarannella maruLu madidya;) bengalooru ishta aitha ninage?? ajji ajjana jothe chennagi maaja madtha irbeku neenu :)

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