Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Karnavedha - Ear Piercing !!!

Karnavedha is the Ear piercing ceremony.

  • According to ancient Indian surgeon Sushrutha "The Ears of a child should be pierced for protection from diseases and also for decoration". 
  • Ayurvedic literature describes how when the nerves in the ears are pierced at this time of the child's life, lust is decreased in the later years. 
  • Some believe that the water that falls on our body after falling over gold(in the ear rings) has healthy benefits. 
  • Others say that our Earlobes resemble " " and the ear ring is like the dot of Om. 
  • Child sacrifice was very common those days and if the kid had a wound it was seemed unfit for sacrifice. So, many parents would get their children's ears pierced to avoid being sacrificed. 
  • It is usually done in the odd number month for girls and even number for boys!
  • Putti got her ears pierced in her 5th month. 

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