Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Googly Eye Pumpkins - Easy No-Carve Decorating Idea

A super cute, easy, no-carve pumpkin decorated by your child to display for the fall- Googly eye Pumpkins! 
This knife-free pumpkin decorating method is totally kid friendly. Even your littlest goblins can make one of these frightful jack-o-lanterns.A handful of googly eyes and regular school glue is all it takes to elevate an orange squash to front-porch scare status. All they have to do is glue on as many eyes as they like, wherever they like. Isn't that easy peasy! 
Squeeze small amount of glue into a shallow dish. Give your child a paintbrush to spread glue onto the pumpkin. Then have your child place the googly-eyes onto the glue. Allow glue to dry thoroughly so eyes stay in place. Larger, less bumpy pumpkin is easier for the googly eyes to stay on. 
Now it’s ready for display. Yes, that’s it. It’s that easy! If you want, you can add other embellishments, such as ribbon. As an added bonus, your child was working on those fine motor skills using the paintbrush to put the glue on, as well as grasping and placing the googly-eyes. 

So I hope you enjoyed this fun Halloween craft. And if you decide to make any of them, I’d love to see photos on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks so much for reading, and if you’re looking for more Halloween crafts, be sure to check out last year’s Halloween posts ! Also feel free to pin from my Fall Pinterest page. 

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