Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kids Craft- Lentils Ganesha

Today's post is Lentils Ganesha, a craft for Kids to make for the upcoming Ganesha Chaturthi.
Kids Craft- Lentils Ganesha Vinayak
Ganesha is the Hindu God with an elephant head which gives him the name s - Gajamukha, Gajavadana (Gaja is Elephant and mukha/vadana means face). With ganesh chaturthi right around the corner- its on september 9th this year, we have been listening to stories, learning songs about him. We also made this craft with my daughter.
To make this craft, you will need:
  • A thick cardstock or Matboard
  • Black paint/ food color
  • School glue
  • Lentils in various colors
I first drew a simple outline of Ganesha on the Matboard. You will find a lot of simple designs on google if you want to print out. Later, I added a few drops of black food color to the glue and mixed it well with a chopstick.
Kids Craft- Lentils Ganesha Vinayak

 I used the black glue to draw over the outline.Older kids can do this all by themselves. I love the raised edge that the black glue created.
Kids Craft- Lentils Ganesha Vinayak
Next, Putti and me talked about what colors can be used to color what part of Ganesha. She did want to use blue, purple etc. So, I told her we will be using lentils and she had to choose from the colors of lentils we had. Maybe, next time I will color some rice with food color of her choice that way she gets blue, purple too. Anyways, to make things easier for her, I let her color the Ganesha drawing with crayons first, that way she knew what colored lentil goes where. Avoid using markers here as the colors will bleed when you apply glue over it and get messy. 
Kids Craft- Lentils Ganesha Vinayak
She then applied glue to each part and starting scooping and pouring lentils over the glue. She had to press them a little bit to flatten them. There was some over lapping, but thats okay.
Kids Craft- Lentils Ganesha Vinayak
After all the parts were covered with lentils, we let it dry over night. Then we glue black peppercorns for the eyes and I did go over the outline with black glue once again. Here's Proud Putti with her own lentils Ganesha. 
Kids Craft- Lentils Ganesha Vinayak

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