Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten Photos

Putti started school this week and boy was she excited! Here are some of her First Day of School Photos.
First Day school Photos
 This is the fourth year of Putti going to school- oh my gosh that makes me realise how fast she is growing! Although her last three years at preschool was part time, she has always loved going. Unlike last year's photos, I did not have much time in the morning as the school starts earlier than preschool. And since it was about to rain, we skipped the sidewalk chalk drawings.
First Day school Photos
 All summer, my daughter has been talking about starting 'Big School' ! She couldn't wait to become “a big girl” and cross over from a preschool to a "Big"school kindergarten. We have been reading some of our favorite back to school books. And she is excited about wearing uniform (just like her cousins in India and UK).
First Day school Photos
She is very excited about the magical world of school and its possibilities. Hope the excitement continues for ever..
First day school photos
She loved her new class room and was looking forward to making new friends.
First Day school Photos
Here's to a lovely school year, Good luck Putti!! Do you take photos on First Day of school? Any special tradition you follow? Do share in the comments.
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It was my daughter's first time at school this year and she enjoyed the day thoroughly and still loves her school. Hope it continues and we also make special traditions for first day of school. Love your blog.

Lovely fotos, happy days in classroom, greeting from Belgium

Such a beautiful post Roopa! Putti looks very exuberant and I LOVE her uniform! My daughter started a new school ( not yet in Kinder- next year) and adores her uniform and going to her new school and doing fun "big girl" projects.

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