Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY India Crown - Easy Kids Craft

This is a very easy craft that the kids can make themselves for the Indian Independence Day.
India Crown - Easy Kids Craft For Independence
Kids love making hats and crowns, actually any wearable art. There sure is something magical about being able to wear something you made! In view of the upcoming Indian Independence, we made a simple India Crown. You will need saffron (orange), white and green construction papers, scissors, glue and stapler. Cut the construction paper in lengthwise to make 2" stripes. For my head I needed 3 pieces,  but for most children you would just need 2 pieces to make it long enough. But, if you used a 12x18 paper you might just need one piece depending on the size of the child's head.
India Crown - Easy Kids Craft for Independence
After you have all the three colored pieces cut out,  you can either staple or glue the pieces together. First glue two saffron pieces lengthwise. Do the same for other tow colors. Then glue them one below the other as shown below.  
Independence India Crown - Easy Kids Craft
And then wrap this around your child's head for measurement and staple the ends together!! 

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