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Up-cycle Kids Craft - Crazy Art Cannies

This is the cutest Upcycled Kids Craft and how adorable are these Craft Art Cannies!
Up-cycle Kids Craft Crazy Art Cannies

Today's guest post is by Suja. She is a mother of a toddler and a preschooler who enjoys spending more time with the kids and less time in the kitchen! She is passionate about nurturing her children's creativity and imagination through hands on activities and by being a present parent. Her blog Blog Me Mom which she authors along with her best friend is full of art ideas, easy crafts, sensory play ideas and play based learning activities. Stop by! You can also find her pinning away on Pinterest, chatting away on Facebook, circling around on Google Plus and occasionally tweeting on Twitter.
Hello Putti's World readers. I'm really glad to be guest posting on one of the most creative blogs out there. Putti's world has been is one of my top go-to resource for fun and frugal art and craft ideas, especially upcycle crafts. With that in mind, I'm sharing an upcycle craft activity my kids enjoyed.

"Things we used"
  • Empty Cans
  • Construction Paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Dot stickers
  • Felt(optional)
This kids activity was supposed to be a simple, "personalizing an object" activity. It is so easy to keep any object as is without adding any frills. But, adding your child's personal touch makes it more special since she/he sees that simple object ( in this case empty cans) as her own "creation".
In our case, I set out a few cleaned and dried cans glued with colored paper. Nice and vibrant right? If you are concerned you may cover the edges with felt. I cut out thin strips of different colored construction paper of varying lengths to create various facial features. I also added a few googly eyes to the mix. To mix up the shapes, I cut out a few circles and also threw in a few sheets of dot stickers.

My invitation to create plate.
Up-cycle Kids Craft Crazy Art Cannies
The kids had a great time creating different crazy, happy, funny faces with the supplies. My toddler was very much attracted to the dot stickers and went all around the can sticking the circles. It was the perfect fine motor activity for the toddler.
Up-cycle Kids Craft Crazy Art Cannies

Up-cycle Kids Craft Crazy Art Cannies
My preschooler on the other hand was excited to create crazy hair with the strips of paper I set out. She leaned more towards the googly eyes and the felt circles to create the perfect face with crazy hair. See what those extra 2 years in her does?
Up-cycle Kids Craft Crazy Art Cannies
While it was a simple activity, it did give my 4 year old a great of alignment practice. You know, get the two eyes in a straight line. She learned to pick an appropriate shape for the nose. Nose has to go right in the middle of the 2 eyes. The mouth has to glued on in its right position. These activities, while simple for an adult needs focus and precision from a preschooler. It was great to see her hard at work and play all at the same time!
Our line up of all the crazy cans all ready
Up-cycle Kids Craft Crazy Art Cannies
My 4 year old later sorted her art supplies into her crazy cannies.
Up-cycle Kids Craft Crazy Art Cannies
We did this activity a while ago and those cans are still going strong. See how we used these in our "art studio in a box" post. Thanks for reading!

Thank you Suja, for the fabulous post. We do love upcycling here at Putti's World and googly eyes and dot stickers are a favorite too:
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Very cute, And green to boot! I'd really like for you to come share them with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!

One of the things people always overlook when doing crafts is ribbon. I teach kindergarten and we do crafts with ribbon all the time. The kids absolutely love it, and there is a plethora of things you can do with it. Thanks for the post, I am always looking for new things to do with the kids.

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