Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Gift Wrap

Here is a simple gift wrapping idea, that kids will love decorating!
DIY Gift Wrap  Tape
 This one is perfect for last minute gifts and is no-paint, non-messy and easy one. All you need is some kind of paper to wrap your gift. I have used an old calender sheet and some pretty patterned tape in bright colours. This is the same tape which we used to make some Tape Art.
DIY Gift Wrap  Tape
 I let Putti decorate the box however she wanted, after all it was for her little friend. She loved cutting the tape into what ever size she loved.
DIY Gift Wrap  Tape
 Then putting the tape on the gift box. You could put as many or as little as you like :)
DIY Gift Wrap  Tape
 That's it- easy peasy!!
DIY Gift Wrap  Tape
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