Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holi 2013

Celebrating colors by playing with them is what we do here at Putti's World everyday. 
Today, we celebrate it with the world. Happy Holi Everyone!
Holi Festival of Colors
 Today, March 27th is Holi, the festival of colors. But, living away from home we had to celebrate it on the weekends and this time a couple days early and we had get-together with friends last weekend.
Holi for kids
 Just last 2 years, Putti was eagerly waiting for the day and even painted a shirt to wear for Holi. She loved playing with powder colors, smeraing it on her hands and applying it to her little friends gently!
Holi Kids Colors
 Her friends and she enjoyed a lot and had blast with all the gorgeous colors!
Holi Kids play with Colors
 Appa (daddy) was missing this time, as he had a stamp exhibit going on. But we two loved being there with friends.
Holi Kids Colors
Here are some of the colorful faces from the Holi celebrations!
Holi Festival of Colors

You can read all about Holi, our celebrations in past, the arts we have done, the books we read here.
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