Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easy Easter Egg Decorating For Kids

I have an Easy Easter Egg Decorating For Kids. This idea are perfect for crafty little hands, so grab the kids and re-create these trendy eggs in your own home.
Easy Easter Egg Decorating For Kids
Easter is a couple of days away, and we are on an Easter egg decorating binge this year and we both are loving the experience. I hadn’t dyed eggs in all my life and did it for the first time with Putti this year.  We also decorated eggs some using dot stickers. But, these don’t require any dye — just get some eggs, paper tape/patterned tape /washi tape, and scissors, and let your kids go to town. 
Tape Easy Easter Egg Decorating Kids
There hardly is any direction required -  just cut the tape anyway you want and apply to the eggs.  Putti preferred to just tear the tape with her fingers, I love the ragged edges of the tape when torn. These patterned tape are from Target and much cheaper than the Washi Tape. She found that the eggs sit nice and snug inside the tape rolls and that made it easier for her.
Easy Egg Decorating with tape For Kids
She chose to cover the whole egg with the tape and infact overlapped at many places too. For the other egg she used colored masking tape.
Tape decorated eggs for easter kids
Here are the two eggs she finished decorating. The tape rolls make a perfect stand for these!
Easy Easter Egg Decorating For Kids Tape

While, she was decorating the above two eggs, i couldn't resist myself so started cutting the tape into thin strips and was decorating an egg. Putti loved it too, but found it hard to cut thin strips, so I had to do it for her, while she continued decorating the rest of the eggs. Older kids can cut the tape in various other shapes like triangles or thinner stripes too. Hardboiled, blown out, plastic or styrofoam eggs any kind should work for this.
Tape decorated eggs for easter kids

What do you all think?  Isn't it an easy idea for kids? 
Is this something that you’d try with your kids?

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