Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Cookies

These Easter Cookies are filled with candy treats and is sure to surprise your kids!
Easter Cookies Pinata with Candy
 I  have been wanting to try the pinata cookies, for a long time now. So, finally got to make it for Putti's friends for an Easter Party. And, it sure was a hit with all the kids. The first kid that started eating the cookies was so surprised to find the candies hidden in them and soon all the kids wanted to eat  a cookie too, to find the hidden treasure in theirs :)
I used my own eggless cookie recipe. I divided the dough into 3 and added food colors to each. To make the cookie marbeled, press the 3 colored balls of dough together until you have your desired marbled effect. Roll and cut using a egg shaped cookie cutter. You may want to check the Marvelous Marbled Cookies on The Chocolate Muffin Tree for more detailed step by step photos.
Easter Cookies
 After the cookies are baked, I assembled them with royal icing and filled it with mini m&ms. The post on She Knows has detailed step by step pictures for you.
Easter Pinata Cookies with Candy
I also made a 'Hidden Egg Cake' following the instructions at Peekaboo Pumpkin Cake. It did not turn out great, but sure did surprise the kids when the cake was cut :)
Did you see the Painted Easter Cookies that we made?
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Those are so cute! I'll have to find an excuse to try them with the kids!

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