Sunday, March 24, 2013

Decorating Foam Easter Eggs On The Window

Decorating Foam Easter Eggs on the window is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and is completely mess free - just uses water! As an added bonus it can be redecorated over and over again.
Decorating Foam Easter Eggs On The Window Kids
We love to use craft foam shapes on the window ever since I first tried it with Putti. She loved building castles and homes with foam pieces. We have later played with it many times and also loved using just triangles on the window
So, the other day Putti had her friends over and they were playing the sticky wall egg decoration. But 
soon the little guy loved it so much that he would scream his head off when the girls intervened with 
him. The girls demanded they need their own eggs to decorate. I did not have any more contact paper.  
So I had to come up with a different and quick idea for them. I remembered that Putti had loved decorating a Foam Christmas Tree and Craft Foam Snowman, so thinking along the same lines I cut up some egg shapes from the craft foam sheets. And for the decorations, I just gave them whatever pieces I had on hand mostly from Painted Christmas Tree on Window. The two girls loved decorating their eggs all on their own by just dipping the pieces first in a bowl of water!
Decorating Foam Easter Eggs On The Window
 They made some beautiful Easter eggs using craft foam on the window.
Kids Decorating Foam Easter Eggs
 Putti remembered the pieces from snowman, that she went and made an egg head :)
Kids Decorating Foam Easter Eggs On The Window
 Here are their finished eggs.
Decorating Foam Easter Eggs On The Window Kids
 Putti was worried she might loose her foam pieces if left outside, as they fall down when dry. So moved the craft foam eggs indoors. And she is loving decorating her eggs every single day! This can be done in the bath too.
Decorating Foam Easter Eggs On The Window

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This is so cute. My girls love foam window art. I love the Easter egg idea!

Thanks Jessica! My girl loves it too and hence we keep visiting it with every season/holiday :))

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