Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Photo Shoot

Here is a Fun and Simple Valentine Photo Shoot idea!
Valentine Photo Shoot idea
I really loved the idea when I first saw it on flickr. I showed it to Putti and she thought it was fun too! So we both pulled all our craft foam hearts and dipped them in water and began arranging on the wall. Putti  enjoyed doing this part and I did help her.
Then, I got her to stand in front of the wall and asked her to pose as if she is blowing a kiss. After several tries of making the "blowing a kiss" pose, we finally got it almost right.
Valentine Photo Shoot Blowing Hearts Kiss
Then I added some text using Picmonkey. Easy Peasy!!

Valentine Photo Shoot idea
Valentine Photo Shoot idea
Putti then played and got many more ideas of which trying to pose as if 'she is listening to these hearts' was a really cute one:)
Valentine Photo Shoot idea
If you donot have these foam hearts, then just take picture of your kid 'making the blowing kiss pose'. then you can add cute little hearts using your photo editing program. I love to use Picmonkey!
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