Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Photo Card

This is a fun Valentine Photo Card that we made for my family.
Valentine Photo Card Creative Chalk drawing

Want to make one of your own? Start by finding a good spot on your driveway, sidewalk, backyard. Work with your kiddos and some colorful chalk. Step back and take plenty of photos.
Using sidewalk chalk to make creative photo backdrops is a popular trend right now on Pinterest. It really is a fun idea and sky sure is the limit to your imagination. We had used this idea to make Butterfly party invites for Putti's 5th birthday party. This time we took some photos for Valentine's day to be sent to our family. These would be great for Father's day or Mother's day too!
Knowing my poor drawing skills, I wanted to keep it simple. And inspired by our own 'I heart U' cards, I just drew an outline of a heart shape and the letter U, which Putti colored in.
Valentine Kids Photo Card Creative Chalk drawing

Later asked Putti to lay down flat/ straight so that  she will be the 'I'. I then had to climb up on a ladder to get the photos. And even though it was overcast, my girl felt it was too sunny to look up. I later edited by cropping the photo and adding text over at PicMonkey. You can play around the various photo editing tools and achieve the look you want.
Valentine Photo Card Creative Chalk drawing
Couple other photo shots from the day.
Valentine Photo Card Creative Chalk drawing 
Valentine Photo Card Creative Chalk drawing
I have these printed and ready to be sent to the dear ones in our life. It would also make a cute photo canvas, mug, mousepad etc. 
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I've been seeing lots of these cute photos with props on pinterest. I love your adaptation.

This would be so cute to do every year. I'm glad you mentioned the ladder because I wouldn't have thought of it! thanks for the great idea, simple but powerful!

That is a really sweet idea. Yes be nice each year see how she grows.

Miss Courtney,
Isn't Pinterest so inspiring? I love it too! Oh yes I do love those creative chalk drawings, but with my poor drawing skills I had to try something simple yet fun:) Thanks

After having taken a couple of such photos, I now know the importance of ladder:) And yes would be great to make it yearly.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!

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