Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart Monoprints on Styrofoam

Kids will love making these Heart Monoprints on Styrofoam. It is a fun valentine art activity for kids and can be made into homemade cards too!
Print making with kids Valentine Heart Monoprints on Styrofoam
 We made monoprints on styrofoam plate again, this time in heart shape. Putti and I had so much fun pulling prints then. We had repeated it making some Easter Prints which turned out fun too. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do it with your kids. Do look at our previous posts for more detailed step by step photos. 

Materials Needed:

  • styrofoam containers, plates, or trays from meat (washed and dried)
  • paint in your choice of colours
  • foam brushes or rollers
  • paper or cardstock
  • cotton swabs
  • paper to cover the working area

Cut out a heart shape from the flat/smooth part of the styrofoam. Let your child apply a thin layer of paint on it using a roller. Remember less is more when making prints. Unlike the previous times, I did not find our roller so had to use a foam brush. I really need to get our art-craft supplies organised, will do one of these days. Foam brush worked so well too, but had remind Putti a couple of times to smoothen the paint nicely over the foam.  Then allow kids to draw on the painted foam heart. Then place a paper on top, press and pull it out. It is like magic each time, when you pull the paper to reveal the print.
Print making with kids Valentine Heart Styrofoam
 Not only were the little heart cutouts easy to work on, they also produced a crisp print edge without much effort. Each time, just smoothen the paint over and draw a different pattern. I love how they all turned out so unique. You can re-apply paint as needed. Here are some of the prints she made. 
Print making with kids Valentine Heart Monoprints Styrofoam
 These would make lovely homemade cards too. Just fold a cardstock in half and repeat the process only making the print on the front of the folded cardstock as shown below.
Homemade cards Print making with kids Valentine Styrofoam
 Here are the two cards Putti made for her teachers at preschool. Keep in mind that if you choose to write letters/alphabets, then the prints will be mirror images so plan accordingly.
Heart Monoprints on Styrofoam
 A closer look at some of the Heart Monoprints my girl made today.
Print making with kids Valentine Heart Monoprints on Styrofoam

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That works really well! I got some styrofoam sheets to try making prints with by drawing designs with a ballpoint pen and then putting the paint on, but this may work better for my son.

Love this idea! Will have to try it with the kiddo.

Thanks Jessica! I have tried the method you mentioned too, but my girl did not like that much because it is the same design with every prints. Whereas with this above method she can make a new design each time :)

Thank you Veena! Hope your little boy loves it too!

Wow! This is pretty nice! So interesting to try. Awesome!

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