Thursday, February 28, 2013

12 St. Patrick's Day Children's Books

Here are some of Children's books we’re reading for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. Having born and grown up in India, I really did not know about this Irish Holiday. It is only after moving to US 8 years ago that I got to know about it. I love learning about other cultures and want my daughter to develop that love too.
I believe that when kids learn about other cultures, they become interested in how other people live, their cultural norms and values, different religions and languages. It also helps them see the beauty of different cultures and appreciate the differences and similarities in how we and others live. What better way to learn than through books :) So we have been reading some of these books and having fun learning about this.
Just CLICK on the images in the collage below to reach the book page.
12 St. PatrickThe Luckiest LeprechaunThe Luckiest St. PatrickSt. PatrickThe Luckiest St. PatrickThe LeprechaunSt. PatrickJack and the Leprechaun The Night Before St. PatrickGreen ShamrocksSt. PatrickThe Leprechaun Trap: A Family Tradition For Saint Patrick The Story of Saint Patrick12 St. PatrickSahitya
What are your favorite books about St. Patrick's Day? Do share in the comments!
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