Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Scratch heART

These Fun Scratch Art Hearts is one of our Valentines we made this year. 
Valentine Kids craft Scratch heART
 Scratch art is a fun activity for kids of all ages. The top layer is black and you scratch it with a wood stylus or tooth pick or something similar through other layers to create a drawing of your choice. It really amazes the kids as they see rainbow colors magically appear as they scratch through the black paper. I think they are really cool too. You can make these scratch art paper at home too, but I just bought them from Target in the party aisle. It comes in a pack of four papers with 4 stylus for $1  and the colors are brighter than the homemade ones (I know because we made some during Christmas) You can buy these Rainbow Scratch Art Boards online too. You can scratch your own abstract or elaborate design or use any stencils
With Valentines day in mind, I set out our heart cookie cutters to use as stencil. You could just cut out a heart from a cereal box to use as stencil. Putti traced around the heart cookie cutters and then scratched her design inside it. 
Valentine Kids craft Scratch heART
 And as always most of her art work ends up as gift to someone she loves - it was her teacher today!
Valentine Kids craft Scratch heART
 After making a couple of these cards. I cut a couple of them into heart shapes, which Putti scratched to make some lovely Scratch heARTs! The one with Putti's name in center is what I made when she asked me to make one for her :)
Valentine Kids craft Scratch heART
 Here are some of the Scratch heARTs that she made today. These are white on the back, so you can write your message on the back and hand them out as cards. Or can glue them to a folded cardstock for extra matting to make some lovely cards! Putti is really into fancy alphabets these days and she made them even on these cards. The one in the center is what she tried to draw a heart free hand and color it in and that one she made for herself :) She also has made one for me, but asked me to stay out of the room as it is my surprise, cant wait to see it!
Valentine Kids craft Scratch heART
 For younger kids, just cut heart shaped cards and allow them to scratch free hand - even if they don't /can't make any design the rainbow colors revealed will look really nice! The heart shaped ones can be made into garland or used or cards. I just glued a piece of ribbon loop on the back and hung it as decoration in her room.  Aren't these Valentine Scratch heARTs lovely?
Valentine Kids craft Scratch heART

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They are so beautiful. Putti did an amazing job :)

Oh they turned out really great. I had totally forgotten you could do that scratch art, I used to do that as a kid and it was always good fun.

Great activity for the kids and it looks fantastic!
(Found you over at the MBC)

This is wonderful! I love each of those hearts, they are so beautiful! I would also LOVE to invite you to share this post (and others, if you like) in our Linky Party. We have lots of creative, crafts, and learning ideas linked up each week and your would fit right in! Looking forward to seeing more from you :) http://www.sugaraunts.com/2013/02/share-it-saturday-5.html
Colleen at Sugar Aunts

Beautiful hearts! Here visiting from the Tuesday Tots link party.

I didn't know about Scratch Art before! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to buy a couple packs of these today!
-Ana from www.babbledabbledo.com

These are just beautiful! What a great way to extend scratch art, and I know I would love receiving such a gorgeous valentine! :)

Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Tots. I've featured it this week :) http://www.learnwithplayathome.com/2013/02/6-simple-ways-for-kids-to-get-arty.html

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