Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pretzel Butterflies

These Pretzel Butterflies are fun to make and were a hit with kids and adults at Putti's Butterfly themed 5th birthday Party
Pretzel Butterfly Kids fun food party
To make these Pretzel Butterflies, you will need:
  • small pretzel twists (2 for each butterfly plus extra for antanna 
  • 1/2 cup White Royal Icing in Ziplock cover or piping bag
  • Wax paper and cookie sheet
  • m&m or any round candies
Steps to make:
  1. Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. 
  2. Pipe a thin line of royal icing on the wax paper. Press To two pretzel twists on the royal icing firmly with single-hole sides of pretzels touching to form butterfly wings. 
  3. Pipe more icing over the pretzels to form the body.
  4. Break remaining pretzels into pieces for antennae. Press  2 pieces into the icing at top of each butterfly between wings.
  5. Pipe icing into each hole in wings and press a m&m into it.
  6. Let stand until set, about 8 hours. I left them over night. If you are using melted candies, it may be set sooner.
  7. Remove from waxed paper and store in tightly covered container.
    Pretzel butterfly kids party fun food
    For a more detailed tutorial to make these Pretzel Butteflies with step by step photos visit 'What will we do today?'. 
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