Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIY Butterfly Guest Sign In

This is a simple yet beautiful 8x10 Butterfly Guest Sign In poster that I made for Putti's 5th Birthday, for our little guests to sign in their names! 
DIY Butterfly Guest Sign In
Putti really loves that her friends signed their names in the book at her 'Very Hungry Caterpillar Party'. Each time she reads that book now, she points to her friends name in it and talks so much about her party. So, have decided to make this guest sign in a yearly tradition. But, I wanted something we can easily save. So, inspired by this Wedding guest signature poster on etsy. I made the above butterfly guest sign in. 
  1. First make a colored background in any color you choose and save it as a JPG. You can do this in photoshop, powerpoint, paint, Gimp or anything else you want.
  2. Then go to and click edit photo and choose your colored back ground picture.
  3. There under overlays, look for butterflies and click on the one you like. Make it white and in the size you want. You can tilt it and place it wherever you want.
  4. Continue adding as many butterflies as you want.
  5. Then add the text in the font you love. Save it.
  6. I then added the little girl silhouette with balloons using which is another free photo editing website. 
  7. Print off your saved image on a thick cardstock.
On the day of the party, we placed with some colored pens for our little guests to sign in as soon as they came in. The green box you see is the donation drop in box. For past 2 years, we are doing a no gift birthday, but welcome our guests to join us in making donations for a charity we love and work with. Girls and boys loved writing their names on the little butterflies.
DIY Butterfly Guest Sign In
You could have it framed and displayed as a work of art in your home. This makes a wonderful keepsake and is a lovely tradition we hope to continue. 
DIY Butterfly Guest Sign In

Other Ideas:

Butterfly 3D guest book artwork  On Etsy 

You also make guest book by asking your guests to make fingerprint butterflies. You will need some a washable stamp pad and markers for it. 

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Very beautiful and what a great idea for a guest book!

simply awesome.....will try for my daughter's birthday next year.

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