Monday, December 31, 2012

Butterfly Party Invites

I made this simple Invite to send out to Putti's friends for her Butterfly themed 5th birthday party. 
Chalk drawing Butterfly Kids Party Invites
Once Putti decided the theme for her 5th Birthday Party. I began looking for ideas and pinned a lot of them on my Butterfly Party board. For the evites I really wanted to try this creative sidewalk drawings that I have seen all over pinterest lately. This butterfly idea came from Harding Keepsakes.
One fine evening, myself, Putti and her friend got busy drawing a big beautiful butterfly on our drive way. I first made Putti lay down and then drew an outline of the wings centered around her body. Then she got off and I drew more details to the wings, which the girls colored in.
Later on, I got on a high stool and the kids took turns lying down in center of the butterfly wings. We got some pretty pictures!
Chalk drawing Butterfly Kids Party Invites
I then selected a couple of Putti's pictures and using my limited photoshop skills made the evite as seen above. Putti actually wanted 5 pictures of her, but I thought that would be over crowding. I did made a number 5 filled with lots of butterflies, which she loved.
And then on evite website, I found this really cool chalk template. But both Putti and her daddy did not like this one much. I did save it though.
Chalk drawing Butterfly Kids Party Invites
And this time, Putti wanted to invite her preschool friends. This is her last year in preschool, she will will be starting kindergarten next year - sigh! We had to send physical invites for her school friends. I wanted to make these really cute butterfly invites. But as we all fell sick for weeks before her birthday, I settled in for these invites from Oriental Trading Co.
Butterfly Kids Party Invites
Stay tuned more butterfly party details.

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SUCH a cute invite! :-)

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


how did you save the evite invitation?

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