Monday, January 7, 2013

Butterfly Party Games

The Kiddos got to play some fun butterfly games at Putti's 5th birthday Party. Unlike the parties in the past, where I have had mostly art activity for the kids, this year I wanted to make games. Mainly because it was at a club house and the number of kids expected were higher than last years. I was not sure if I can handle the art activity with a larger group. However we did have one small activity - Color your own gift bag as soon as the kids arrived. After which they all ate the various butterfly themed food and then got geared up to play butterfly games. I kept them simple.

1. Pin Stick the Antenna on the Butterfly:

In the style of the ever popular 'pin the tail on donkey'. I drew a butterfly on a foam board and butterfly colored it in with sharpies, she sure gets delighted when she gets to use sharpies! I made several antennas with pipe cleaners. And just before playing, stick a piece of tape to the pipe cleaner antenna for the kiddos to put it on the butterfly. For blindfolding the kids, I used my travel eye mask.
Putti wanted to go first and all kids agreed as she was the birthday girl, love their playing spirit!
Butterfly Party Games Pin the antenna
Followed by all the other kids. You can see Putti was really excited while her friends played.  
Butterfly Party Games Pin the antenna
Here, some of the kids are checking to see which antenna is placed correctly and where is their own. 
Butterfly Kids Party Games Pin the antenna
 Simple award ribbons were to the kids and they were all thrilled with them and proudly showed off!
Butterfly Kids Party Games Pin the antenna

 2. Pass the Butterfly

Another simple game which needed absolutely no preparations. I used a mini foil butterfly balloon, making sure they are not inflated with helium. But you can sew a stuffed butterfly if you want to. We played some butterfly songs and other kids songs while the kids passed the butterfly to the person next to them. 
Butterfly Kids Party Games Pass the butterfly
 A friend would stop the music at random and the kid with the butterfly had to walk out. It was fun to see the kids hurry to get the butterfly off their hands!
Butterfly Party Games Pass the butterfly
 Here are the last 3 kids playing. The little guy was very intrigued with the butterfly!
Butterfly Party kids Games Pass the butterfly
 Putti was thrilled to be one of the last two players. Finally, the little friend won!
Butterfly Party Games Pass the butterfly
Winners of Pass the Butterfly game with their award ribbons and friends!
Butterfly Party Games Pass the butterfly
Next the kids got to pull the butterfly pinata and get more goodies for their favor bag

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