Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Foam Christmas Tree On Window

This Foam Christmas Tree now decorates our windows. The craft foam will stick to smooth surfaces like windows, tub, bath walls, refrigerator doors etc when it is wet. And kids will love sticking the foam and then redecorating their tree over and over again.
Foam Christmas Tree On Window Kids Craft
Do you remember way back when we built castles and homes with foam pieces on window? We had played again with foam triangle shapes also. Those were SO much fun and promoted lots of open-ended creativity on our windows, fridge and bathtub!  Although painting with water can be a little messy, it is worth it and afterall it is just water. Definitely time for us to make more, this time with a  Christmas Theme! 
Putti has been demanding for a Christmas Tree this year. I donot blame her, all the stores and our decorated neighbourhood sure tempts her. But, since we are getting ready to move by the end of the month, I am really not keen on buying a tree and then packing it to move. So, I promised and convinced her that we will paint and make many Christmas Trees this year. And also that I will buy her a real Tree (as she calls it) next year. 
So, here is her very own first Christmas Tree, all made from things I already had at home. All you need is a green craft foam (I had a large one 12"X18"), some scraps of multi colored foams,  a pair of scissors and some water. Cut the green craft foam to look like a Christmas Tree. You can make it all fancy or just a simple triangle will work too. Then with the multi colored foam, cut some shapes - circles, stars, candy canes, simple stripes (for garland) etc. You don't have to be perfect, remember kids do not need perfection. Well I also cut a few balloons, party hats, gift box too as Putti asked for them. 
Foam Christmas Tree Kids Craft
First paint some water on the window using a paint brush and stick the tree to it.
Foam Christmas Tree Kids Craft
Next, dip the foam decorations in water and have fun decorating your tree.
Foam Christmas Tree On Window Kids Craft
Doesn't the tree look lovely?
Foam Christmas Tree Kids Craft
And when the foam dries, they come/fall right off. And kids can re-decorate their trees again and again. Putti is doing this almost everyday, multiples times! 
Foam Christmas Tree bathtub Kids Craft
With one sheet of green craft foam and scraps of multi-colored craft foams, you have all you need to create a special, personalized and inexpensive Christmas Tree for your child. Want to sneak in a little learning? Talk about the colors, shapes, and sizes as your child decorates the tree.
Foam Christmas Tree On Window Kids Craft

“Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.” ~Larry Wilde

  • So don't worry about the size or shape, just cut out some craft foam for your kids and let them have fun. 
  • You could buy tree shaped and ornament shaped craft foam too from dollar tree.
  • Kids can play with this Foam Christmas Tree on Bath tub too.

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Love how you can keep redecorating and changing the tree. Such a lovely idea and activity.

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


I never knew that the foam would stick to windows or bath tubs with just some water that is AWESOME!!! And I love your tree, such a great idea and so much fun to decorate! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

Thanks Maggy and yes that is what I love about craft foam:)

Oh once You realise the fun with craft foam, the possibilities are endless. I love how versatile it is, can be made for all seasons.

Wonderful idea! We have a felt tree this year. Next year we'll have to do this. :)

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