Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Foam Sticker Stamped Gift Wrap

This Foam Sticker Stamped Gift Wrap is very simple idea that littlest kids can make them! 
DIY Foam Sticker Stamped Gift Wrap
 If you have been reading my blog, you would probably know that we make our own gift wraps almost always. I also upcycle most of Putti's artwork especially those on the paper roll to wrap a special one's gift.  There are a lot of simple creative ideas to make your own gift wrap paper, of which stamping is my favorite because its easy yet always gives lovely end results. To make your own Foam Sticker Stamped wrapping paper, you will need:
  • A roll of paper – brown or easel paper roll
  • 3 foam stickers in any shape you like (my girl chose stars)
  • An empty glue stick or a bottle cap to make a handle
  • Stamp Pad
  • Plus all the regular gift wrapping items like tape and scissors
  • Twine or ribbon
I first allow my daughter to paint/ decorate the paper and then wrap the gift. But this time, I first wrapped the gift using the easel paper roll. Then simply stuck the foam stickers to a glue stick one on top of another. You will need at least 3 stickers stacked up to get clear and nice prints.
DIY Foam Sticker Stamped Wrapping Paper
 Then let my girl stamp the stars all over your wrapping paper in a random pattern. 
DIY Gift Wrap
 She went on adding more colored stars to the wrapping paper. 
DIY Foam Wrapping Paper
 And that's it, just tie a ribbon or twine around the gift and it is all done. The best part of using a stamp pad is there is no need for waiting to dry unlike with paint it dries almost instantly.
DIY Foam Sticker Stamped Gift Wrap
The fun about this method is it can be customised to any occasion and all you have to do is use the themed  foam stickers.
  • The same stars stickers with blue, red ink would make a great patriotic paper.
  • For Christmas wrapping paper you could use tree or star shaped stickers in green and red.
  • For birthdays, stickers shaped like gift box, balloon, party hats will work great.
  •  Hearts stickers for valentines or Mother's day etc
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We really LOVE making wrapping paper at the moment too. Such fun.

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