Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Kids Craft- Fruit Loop Wreath Ornaments

These Fruit loop wreaths are a super-simple Christmas Kids Craft. Little ones will love to make them. 
Christmas Kids Craft- Fruit Loop Wreath Ornaments
 These simple yet cute and colorful wreaths can be used as Christmas tree decorations or can even be worn as bracelets. Fruit loop crafts are great with kids who still put things in their mouth. We have made fruit loop necklace, thanksgiving craft, fall crafts and even some learning.
You will need:
  1. 1 pipe cleaner per wreath
  2. Fruit loops or any loopy cereals
  3. Ribbon for hanging
Start by threading one fruit loop and then twist the pipe cleaner around it. This step is to avoid the loops from falling off as the child threads more fruit loops. 
Allow your child to start threading. Challenge preschool and older kids to follow a pattern. Depending on your child, you can do patterns of ABAB, AABB , ABCABC, or any other pattern.
Once they are done threading, remove the knot/twist at the end. Then cross the two ends of the pipe cleaner like a 'x', 
Make a bow and twist to secure in place. Add a ribbon to hang up your wreath.
Christmas Kids Craft Ornaments
 And to make a slightly larger wreath. Start as usual by making a loop. And allow your kid to thread to almost end of the pipe cleaner. Then thread the end of the pipe cleaner into the loop on the other end and twist it a couple of times to secure. To this you may glue a ribbon bow if required.
Christmas Kids Craft Ornaments
 Here are some of the wreaths my girl and her little friend made today. 
Christmas Kids Craft Ornaments
  • You could make the same using beads too. I used fruit loops as I had little guy today who is still mouthing things. 
  • This activity provides a ton of fine motor skill practice.
  • It is also a great hand-eye coordination building exercise.
  • After Christmas, you can crush them up and sprinkle on the ground for the birds to eat.
Hope you liked this simple Christmas Kids craft. 

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Simple and fun ornaments! Thanks for sharing.

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