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Yarn Stamped Christmas Tree Kids Crafts

 This yarn stamped christmas tree is a fun craft for kids of all ages and is a fun exploration of textures too. It is process oriented and yet the end product is beautiful too. 
Yarn Stamped Christmas Tree Kids Crafts
I love stamping activities and the lovely textures created is so unique and interesting. I always look and try new things to stamp with. Just last week we tried some yarn wrapped block prints and Putti really loved that activity so much that she has asked for it again and again. And afterhaving stamped tens of paper, I suggested her if she wanted to try making a Christmas Tree. Oh her eyes lit up, as she is all ready for Christmas and has been demanding that we need to get her a Tree this year. This is our first Christmas Activity!
For this simple activity you will need:
  • some stamp pads/ green paint
  • paints in bright colors
  • cotton swabs
  • paper
  • cereal box or any thick cardbaord to make a stencil
  • brown marker
  • blocks
  • yarn / bakers string
  • sticky tape/painter's tape
Start by wrapping the yarn around a block. Look at our yarn wrapped block prints post for detailed pictures of the blocks and how we made a temporary stamping pad with paint and paper. Cut the cereal box to the size of the paper you need to print on. Then fold the cereal box in half and cut a simple Christmas tree off it, this becomes our stencil. Tape this stencil to the paper so that it does not move while stamping.
Yarn wrapped block prints Christmas Tree Kids Crafts
Then let your child start stamping by dipping the yarn wrapped block in paint/stamp pad and then on the paper. The child can happily stamp as much as he/she wants.
Christmas Kids Crafts Yarn Stamped Christmas Tree
Here's how the tree looked after it has been stamped. Carefully peel the tape off and remove the stencil to reveal the beautiful christmas tree. 
Christmas Tree Kids Crafts
Allow it dry well. Later on draw a little stem on the bottom of the tree with a brown marker. Then decorate your tree with colorful ornaments which are cotton swabs dipped in bright colored paints. Kids can use their finger tips dipped in paints too. Add a foam star sticker on top of tree or draw it.
Yarn Stamped Christmas Tree Kids Crafts
Here are the two tree that my girl made today. You can see that in one she has stamped sparingly and hence the texture of the yarn print is more clearly visible. I love that it resembles the pine straws.
Yarn Stamped Christmas Tree Kids Crafts
For now these Yarn Stamped Christmas Trees are adorning my walls.
Christmas Tree Kids Crafts
Other Ideas:
  • You could allow the child to stamp all over the paper first and then cut a Christmas tree out of the stamped paper.
  • You also can use your finger tips or erasers at end of pencils to stamp ornaments.
  • If made on thick card stocks in a smaller size, these could make adorable Christmas cards.
Books we read:
The Star Tree by Gisela Colle  is a story of an old man  who decides to make gold stars just like he did as a child to decorate for Christmas. He walks out to the country and decorates a bare tree with his shiny stars, soon he’s not alone. Thus the stars make their way back to the city.  
It's Christmas by Tina Burke is a simple and great way to get young children motivated to take part in making the magic that is Christmas. The books is like a photo album and each page pictures an activity you and your child can do together, from baking cookies to decorating the Christmas tree.

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A wonderful arts and crafts activity, so well-thought out! Lovely results!

What a really clever idea. It looks really effective.

Thanks Lisa! Yes, love how these turned out.

Thank you pinkoddy. I do love stamping and use of simple stencils. As I said in my post, instead of making stencil kids can stamp on tree shape paper too :)

Love this! Such a pretty end results with a simple craft. I like the stencil idea.

The effect of the yarn is wonderful. What great trees. Such fun. And a great "arty exploration"!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


lovely craft idea dear..great activity for kids and fun too!

This is such a great idea I love how the yarn looks like branches when printed.

Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots and just to let you know that I will be featuring this post this week on Rainy Day Mum

Thank you everyone and Cerys for the feature!

I agree with every other comment-- lovely tree! Love the yarn block idea!

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