Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Learning For Kids - Turkey Math

My daughter has been having so much fun with counting and even adding with these simple handprint turkeys and fruit loops. 
Thanksgiving Learning For Kids - Turkey Math
After having a fruitloop turkey, Putti wanted to make more of those. So, I suggested we do something else wich will have both turkey and fruitloops in it. I love how simple this is to set up.
For this activity, all you need is 
  • a picture of turkey - a print out or handprint one like ours
  • some fruit loops or raisins or beads or anything to count
  • little pieces of paper to write some numbers on
Thanksgiving Learning For Kids - Turkey Math
She would pull out a number from the cup and then place those many fruit loops on her turkey. Once you are done with a number, either eat the fruit loops or put them back in the cup and start over with a new number. With this activity she worked on her number recognition and also counting.  
Thanksgiving Learning For Kids - Turkey Math
But, soon as expected she got bored of that as she knows all her numbers pretty well. guess it will be hit with younger kids. So, then I moved onto simple addition which is what she is learning now. 
Thanksgiving Learning For Kids - Turkey Math
Oh boy, she sure was really excited with this addition especially where sum is more than 10. because she can easily count beyond her fingers ;) 
Thanksgiving Learning For Kids - Turkey Math
I was so surprised at how much time she has spent doing simple math because of this little gobbler and fruit loops. Almost every day for the last week, she has pulled her turkey and asked for fruit loops to practice her counting.  Infact, she is asking for more new problems to solve every day "Not the same numbers everyday amma", she demands!. So, I have started writing them up like this. And she loves writing the answers. 
Thanksgiving Learning For Kids - Turkey Math
So, thats our simple Thanksgiving Learning activity for Kids - Turkey Math fun. Don't you love such learning activities for kids?
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