Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY Sponge Doll

This Sponge Doll is very easy to make and kids will love decorating it.
DIY Sponge Doll
This is one craft that was very commonly taught in almost all schools during my childhood days. Every house hold had one or more of these sponge dolls. And last year during Navaratri Bombe Habba, doll festival I thought to give this a try with Putti. She loved playing with the sponge itself. 
DIY Sponge Doll
Put a rubber band in the center of the rectangle sponge and tighten it. Putti needed help with this. This divides the sponge into 2 halves. Add 2 small rubber bands to the top part such that it becomes the ears of the doll. 
DIY Sponge Doll kids
After this it is to your own imagination to decorate the doll. You can use a variety of items like spangles, buttons, feathers, beads etc. Use glue to stick them to the sponge.
DIY Sponge Doll kids
Here is Putti proudly showing off the Sponge Doll she just made.
DIY Sponge Doll kids

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School times alli madide aadre ishtu muddu irlilla nandu :P

he he even i hav this doll in my place...such a cute one...:)))

i remembr doing this & also with pillow-doll. N changing frocks to pillow doll :)

wow nice......I remember making this when we were kids.....

schoolnalli craft class nalli mADidde :)

The other doll I remember seeing in every one's house was the one made using parachute hair oil plastic bottle , fish wire, and decoration.. Not sure if you could recall what i am talking about! :P

yess...oh how can one forget dis doll roopakka..our arts n craft teacher had taught us:)i too had made dis during my schooldays !

Ohhh the sponge doll! :) I remember preserving mine for many years by wrapping it in a clear plastic bag to keep it away from dust. I don't quite recall what happened to it later!

What a super simple and fun idea!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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