Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scrubber and Cork Stamping Apple Tree

This Scrubber and Cork Stamping Apple Tree art  is perfect to welcome fall and  is very easy to make by kids of all ages. 
Scrubber and Cork Stamping for kids
You will need:
  • Green (I used 2 shades), Red and Brown Paints.
  • A Dish Scrubber
  • A Cork 
  • A paintbrush
  • Thick White paper
  • Cups/ little containers to pour paint
  • Newpaper to cover your working area
Scrubber and Cork Stamping Apple Tree
 I covered the table with newspaper and poured paints into little cups. Then Putti first painted a simple tree silhouette with a stem and a couple of branches. If your child is too young to paint, you could do it for him, or use his arm and palm for the tree or use a printout.
fall craft for kids Apple Tree
Next she dipped the scrubber in green paint and “stamped” leaves all around her branches. If you have the scrubbers that some with little handles it would be great for kids who don't like to get paint on their hands. 
Scrubber and Cork Stamping for kids
 The prints that the scrubber makes are really cool.  
Scrubber Stamping Apple Tree
Go on stamping as much as you like. Here is how the tree looked when my girl stopped stamping.
Apple Tree fall craft for kids
I suggest waiting for the green to dry before moving onto next step to avoid color mixing. Then she went on dipping a wine cork into red paint and adding “apples” on her trees. 
fall Apple Tree kids craft
  Isn't this really simple and really cute. 
Fall crafts for kids Apple Tree
And here are the gorgeous Apple Trees all framed. Love how they look and that they were simply made with Scrubber and Cork Stamping!
Scrubber and Cork Stamping Apple Tree

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These turned out beautiful, Roopa! Love the textured effect due to the scrubber, and the cork is perfect for apple impressions. Infact, stamping with the cork would be a sensory feeling in itself due to its own softness...
Pinning it....

Great idea! I love the textured look that the scrubber makes.This will be perfect for my daughter. We don't do a lot of painting because she hates getting paint on her hands. I think she'll love this.

My son and I used some of your techniques here to create his own, more abstract version of an apple tree. Thanks for the inspiration!

Here it is if you're interested:

Such an effective idea. I have pinned it to our board.

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

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