Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hand Print Strawberry

Putti made this lovely Hand print Strawberry card for her little friend who turned three and is having a Strawberry shortcake themed birthday party!
Hand Print Strawberry

You will need:
Red, green and black paint
Paint brush
Little one who is ready to lend a hand :)

Paint your child's palm with red paint. Print it on the card stock and then make the second hand print with the fingers overlapping, sort of to make a heart. Then using finger tips in green paint add stalk and leaves where the palms join.
HandPrint Strawberry
 Here is how it looks while drying.
HandPrint Strawberry
 After it dries, finish off the card by adding black fingerprints for the seeds. My girl loved doing this part.
HandPrint Strawberry
 My girl has always loved painting her hands and feet and this sure was a card that she loved making. This was inspired by the card on Meet the Dubiens
HandPrint Strawberry
Here is the Hand print Strawberry card all ready to take to the party along with Strawberry gift wrap we made. Stay tuned to see how we made that gift wrap.
HandPrint Strawberry 
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And that Handprint Card is the icing on the cake. Simply perfect. Love it.

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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