Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fist (Knuckle) Print Pumpkins

This is a fun fall craft for all kids. Putti had fun making these Pumpkins using her fists (knuckles) and I love how they turned out. 
Fist Hand Print Pumpkins
I saw this idea over at Little Elephants and loved it so much that wanted to try it.  We have done printing with pumpkins but this was something different and cute. Putti loves painting her hands and is always ready to do it.  All you need is some orange and green paint, a thick paper or cardstock and a very enthusiastic kid who is happy to get paint on her/ his hands. 
Just pour some orange paint into a  plate or any flat container. Ask your child to make a fist and dipped her/his fist (knuckles) into orange paint.  
Fist Print Pumpkins
And press the knuckles onto the thick paper to make pumpkins. See easy peasy.  I love how the knuckles prints looks like ribs of a pumpkin. 
Knuckle Print Pumpkins
 After making as many pumpkins as you want. Dip your finger tip in green paint to add stems to the pumpkins. 
Hand Fist Print Pumpkins
Later on, you can draw some veins if you want. Putti did not want to draw them. Here is the end art work drying.
Fist Print Pumpkins
Putti then wanted make our family pumpkins. Oh I Loved that idea and love it that she is coming up with her own ideas offlate. Well, here is our very own Fist Print Pumpkins Family :)
Fist Hand print Pumpkins

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oh these are adorable - I'm pinning and doing with my 5yr old today!!

We have made Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate read - a -long books with these fun prints.

Totally fun and brilliant! It turned out real nice :-)

love how bumpy this makes them look - how cute! Featured you this week on the Sunday Showcase. Thanks for sharing.

hey, I was wanting to know if i could use this in my 10 Fall Ideas Kids love post. It would be great if I could use one pic, i will list this post title with you blog with a link back. No worries if I can't. But just love these pumpkins. Thanks, Jaime@fspdt

SO CUTE! I do a five little pumpkins activity to review family vocabulary words. Normally we cut out the different family members of pumpkins (mom, dad, baby, sister, baby) when we say the song we hold up the correct pumpkin. Always TONS of fuN!

But I can totally see us making out own pumpkin family instead with this!

Thanks everyone! Hope your kiddos have fun making these too.

@Jaime JJ, you are welcome to use one pic from my post. Thanks

I *love* your fist print pumpkins!! Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Tots. I've featured your post this week on In Lieu of Preschool: Thanks again for linking up! Off to pin your post on the Tuesday Tots Pinterest board. :)

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