Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Day of Fall

"It is the summer's great last heat, It is the fall's first chill: They meet." – Sarah Morgan Piatt
Fall Pictures
 Today is the first day of Fall  here.  Summer beats down on us here in Florida, month after month, with the brute force of heat and humidity. Fall, by contrast, slips in without notice. We do get a nice short autumn, when mornings and evenings feel a little cooler. A fresh breeze blows through the trees and People start to open their windows. Some trees do change color and leaves fall,  but too much later in the year than up North. Putti's first fall photos here. These are some fall photos from last year to start the official first day of fall. These were taken during December last year. 
Fall Photos
Putti was really excited and loved playing with the leaves.
Fall photos
The soft stems and delicate leaves make beautifully soft leaf piles, and Putti had a blast in her new sensory playground!

Collecting a pile of leaves and showering herself with them. She raked the leaves up over and over, so she could run through them and throw them in the air.
Are you excited to welcome the fall? What are your favorite fall activities?
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Those pictures are awesome. I'm in FL too and I very seldom get to enjoy the beautiful colors of the trees. I am enjoying the cooler morning weather when I go for a run:-) Great Post! Stopped by from SITS.

I did a "Fall in Florida" post this morning, too! You must be much farther north than me, though. We don't often see those sort of leaves!

Greetings, I'm also in Florida and I have to say your fall pictures make me wish the trees outside weren't still green!

Awe, she's so cute, and look how much fun she's having in those leaves!

Found you through SITS!
♥ Miss Angie @ My So-Called Chaos

@Hope Reid,
Thanks for stopping by! I am loving the cooler mornings too:)

Yes, We are up north in Tallahassee. We do get a bit of color change though very late in the year:)

Welcome here! Great to connect with other Fl bloggers:) Thanks

Miss Angie,
Thank you! Oh yes she did have a blast.

What a beautiful girl you have. She looks like she is having fun. I am stopping by from SITS. Hope you enjoy your fall!

When we lived in Florida, we really enjoyed fall (and winter), but I am happy to experience Missouri's fall once again. I don't remember the leaves changing where we were in Florida - maybe we were too far south. Putti looks like she had a great time last year!

Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)

Such a lovely Autumn activity. I have featured this on The Sunday Showcase:

Thank you lovely ladies for ur sweet comments!

We are in North Florida, the Big Bend actually and we do get some colors:)

@Rebecca, Thanks for the feature.

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