Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Strawberry Gift Wrap

We made this lovely Strawberry gift wrap for a little friend who is gonna be three.
DIY Gift Wrap
It has been a real long time that I have actually bought some gift wrap paper. I always use my girl Putti's artwork to wrap gifts. I love the personal touch it adds to the gifts. Sometimes we do make gift wraps to suit the theme of the party. You can some of  the gift wraps we have made earlier here.
This time we wanted to make strawberry gift wrap for a little girl who was gonna have Strawberry Shortcake themed Party. And if you've noticed the strawberries are shaped a little like hearts, so we used hearts stickers to make some stamps. Here is how we made this.
Supplies Needed :
  • Easel Paper/ Butcher Paper Roll
  • Heart Foam Stickers -3
  • Glue stick/ cork/ bottle cap/ playdoh container anything to act as a base for stickers
  • Red Stamp Pad or Red Paint
  • Green and Black markers
Adhere the heart foam stickers on top of one another, at least 3 high. Then stick them to the cap of the glue stick  or anything you might use to make a handle and that's it. Sorry, I forgot to get pictures of our heart sticker stamp before Putti went off to stamping. But I guess you get the idea.
Foam sticker stamping
Stamp as many red hearts as you need all over the paper roll.
Strawberry stamping
After the hearts dry, using a black marker add seeds to your strawberry(hearts) and with a green marker add a talk and some little leaves.
Strawberry Gift Wrap
There you have a Strawberry gift wrap and a matching handprint strawberry card for the party.
Strawberry Gift Wrap card

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Thanks! Its so simple and with this u can make ur own stamps for any occasion:)

Oooh what a VERY cute idea. The strawberries look perfect.

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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