Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY Clay Ganesha Idol

Putti made a Clay Ganesha Idol for the upcoming festival.
DIY Clay Ganesha Idol
Just like every year, I bought airdry clay to make an idol for the festival. And this time Putti was very particular that she wanted to make an idol too, all by herself. Having made one at Claystation, Bangalore last year, she was not going to move without making one. I loved that she was so keen on making. So, today I asked Hemanth to make an idol for us while I helped Putti with her idol. Always make sure that your hands are slightly wet while handling clay.
  1. First make two balls one bigger which forms the body and the little ball forms the head. 
  2. Make two long coils(snakes) for hands and slightly thicker ones for legs.
  3. Place the balls one upon another and merge the ends that touch. Attach the legs to the body part and merge them well into the body.
  4. Now add the hands to the upper body part and merge them well.
    DIY Clay Ganesha Idol
    Add another coil to the head part to form the trunk. Slightly flatten the free ends of the hands and legs to form palm and feet.DIY Clay Ganesha Idol

    Create small balls of clay and flatten them to look like ears. Attach these to the sides of the head and merge the ends very well into the head portion.DIY Clay Ganesha Idol
Now, take a cotton bud dip it in water and try and smoothen out the clay all over. Make sure that you don’t damage the structure, do it very gently. And take care not to use loads of water. Putti was working along side her appa(dad) and you can  the idol he was making in the background here.
DIY Clay Ganesha Idol
Then add two little coils for the tusks. Using a fork make impressions on the ears. Using toothpick mar the eyes, fingers and toes. Here are the finished idols that Appa and Putti made..
DIY Clay Ganesha Idol
If you want to be more creative, you can opt for four hands and other additions like jewels. Now leave the Ganesha Idol to dry but not in direct sunlight as cracks may appear. After it dries, you can paint eyes, ‘tilak’, eyebrows etc.
Here is a video I found on youtube to help you with making your own Clay Ganesha Idol.

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Wow! Putti is a talented, young girl to make such a wonderful ganesha. Please continue posting these helpful to-dos!

Wow! Putti is a talented, young girl to make such a wonderful ganesha. Please continue posting these helpful to-dos!

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