Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple and Leaf Prints

Apple and Leaf Prints are easy and fun to do, making a beautiful picture for fall.
Apple and Leaf Prints

Leaves, apples and pumpkins are some of my favorite things about fall. Even though apples are available most of the year, I think they are best in the fall. Living in Florida we haven't been able to visit an orchard and to go pick some ourselves, though we do persimmon picking almost every year.  After making some apple tree art with scrubber and cork stamping, we decided to use some apples and leaves to print with today.

Supplies for Apple Printing:
  • paint or stamp pad - red and green  
  • apples
  • leaves
  • thick paper or cardstock
  • plates
  • pieces of felt or sponge or paper towels(not required if you have stamp pad)
  • newspaper to cover work area
Apple and Leaf Prints

Make your own stamp pad:
When you use paint for stamping/printing , the extra paint on your fruit/leaves can gunk it up, masking the patterns and so the prints are not so great looking.  To solve this, makeyour own simple and effective stamp pad to hold the paint. This is very easy to make. Lay a damp piece of felt, a sponge, or a few layers of paper towel on a plate or any flat container. Spoon on a bit of your paint on the felt and spread it around, letting the paint soak in a bit. This keeps too much paint getting on your fruits and leaves so you can see the interesting patterns when you print. Just add a bit more paint when required and spread it around. Easy Peasy!!
Okay, now that we have our own stamp pads, cut your apples and  press the flesh side against a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture. You need to cut them as straight and flat as possible. If they are not flat, paint won’t show up on the paper in certain spots. You can cut your apple all different ways. Cutting lengthwise will show the apples true shape, which is what we did today. You can get a  fun star shape in the center by cutting horizontally, both are fun. You could put a stick in the top end of the apple to give your kid a handle to hold the apple.
Then dip your apple in red paint, and stamp on the cardstock. You may need to rock the apple back and forth to make sure it stamps well on the paper. (Please do ignore the writing on the paper, we were out of thick paper so I upcycled some used file folders that were donated by a friend's office.
Apple Prints
Next, dip the leaf in green paint, running your fingers all over the leaf especially the edges to make sure the paint gets on the leaf well. 
Leaf Prints
Then stamp the leaf on the cardstock, again pressing all over the edge of the leaf to get good print.Leaf Prints
Lift your leaf to reveal the beautiful print you just made.Apple and Leaf Prints
Here is the finished Apple and Leaf Prints that we made today. You can use this apple on bags, to make cards, book covers, or virtually any surface of your choice. Apple and Leaf Prints
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nice prints. My preschool students made apple counting books with their prints

A lovely apple activity. I have featured it on The Sunday Showcase:

So cute! I never thought to use the leaves as stamps with the apples - great idea!

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