Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shaving Cream and Watercolor Play

Simple sensory play with shaving cream and water colors !

Playing and Drawing with Shaving cream is itself a lot of fun. Putti does it on the windows and also directly on her table just like she did while exploring finger paints. The added bonus with shaving cream play is that the table/ window gets cleaned too.  Today when Putti asked for shaving cream play again, I squirted some on a cookie sheet and she smoothened it first. Then asked if she could add some colors to it. Gave some water colors and a pipette for her to drop the colors on the shaving cream. 
 She then swirled the colors with her fingers and then dove right into it, squishing the shaving cream between her fingers!

 She had shaving cream all over her hands and up to her elbows and the colors had now turned brown.
Making a pile of shaving Ice cream and NO she does not lick it, just poses. She continued playing like this for more than an hour!! The most simple ideas are often times the most engaging. Don’t overlook the simple!.
The nice thing about shaving cream play is that everything comes out much cleaner at the end of the play.  
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What a great project! Maybe I could something like this OUTSIDE with our playschool children!

Thank you! Doing it outside with a group of children makes clean up easier!! I am sure ur kiddos will love playing with it:)

Oh my, my kids WOULD LOVE THIS!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


I haven't got the shaving cream out with the twins yet, slightly nervous about trying with two or three of them. This looks so much fun, I must try it.

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase. I have pinned this.

I'm featuring this today on The Sunday Showcase!

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