Monday, August 27, 2012

Preschool Science - Color Changing Chrysanthemums

This Color Changing Chrysanthemums experiment is one that I have been wanting to try with my preschooler  for a long time now. The results were not as appealing as I had expected.
Preschool Science
Hope you remember the similar experiment we had done earlier with Celery stalks to learn how plants absorb water. Not only was it a very visually appealing activity, it was great way to learn the science behind how water is absorbed by plants and how it travels up through the capillaries called xylem.Very happy with results last time, I wanted to try it in rainbow colors.
We grabbed some clear cups, food coloring and white Chrysanthemums (we had some in the bouquet we bought for Varamahalakshmi Pooja). We did this a couple weeks ago, i’m just  very late bringing it to the blogging world. Putti had fun dropping food coloring in VIBGYOR order into the water and she loved watching the water transform colors.  She then placed a white chrysanthemum  into each cup and we put them out of the way.
Color Changing Flower
 And then waited. I asked her, “what do you think will happen ?” She said that maybe the flowers might drink the colored water and grow. 
Preschool Science activity
After almost a day and a half, we saw the petals taking on the colors of the water they were drinking, mostly the green.
Science for Kids
But, the flowers did not change colors much even after a week of waiting. I think we did not have enough coloring in the water.  The flower in the orange cup broke its stalk due to too much handling by my girl. 
Preschool Science - How plants absorb water
Have you tried this Color Changing experiment with kids? All of these below listed artful science experiments inspire us to try it again. We will be repeating this again and make sure to add lots of color next time.
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Oh my goodness! I wonder why they didn't change color. We did these and they changed color. Perhaps if you trim the stem a little each day to keep the fluid flowing. I just don't know. But I will say that our blue flowers had the best color of all.

Chrysanthemums, sounds rhythmic .
I will ask my kids to read this blog .U have added really good stuff.I will spiral all my unexpected blunders soon. :)

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