Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Rings Printing

This Olympic Rings Printing was a fun little activity to do in celebration of the Olympics!  
We are loving watching the Olympics. Though Putti does not really understand the games, she is loving the various new games she is getting to see. I have talked to her about the Olympic rings and what they symbolize.  I poured blue, black, red, yellow and green paint onto a tray. She used a little paper cup to stamp her own abstract Olympic ring prints. So easy and simple. 
She just loved to stamp the paper...  
Later, we made the five Olympic rings on another paper.
I love how this Rings Printing turned out today and I need to get it framed! 
This reminds me of artist Rachel Whiteread's Painting for the Official Olympic and Paralympic Posters at London 2012 Olympic Games. 
Putti's artwork looks so much similar don't you think? You could use toilet paper tube, cups, bottle caps, anything to stamp circles and make these Olympic Rings Prints! 
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very nice Idea. Will do it with my 5yr old

It turned out wonderful! Perfect Arty exploration!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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