Friday, August 24, 2012

Easy Kids Art - Circle Printing

This is a very simple Kids art activity - Circle Prints made with cups in different sizes.
Circle Printing For Kids
  • large sheet of sturdy weight paper like poster board
  • tempera or acrylic paints
  • shallow dish or paper plate
  • assortment of cylindrical containers such as paper cups etc
We first went on a hunt around the house, looking for round things to print with. We found lots of different round things like dixie cups, cardboard tube, empty toilet paper roll, bottle caps, marker lids, round blocks, corks, plastic container. Putti chose to use some of them. 
Cover your working surface with newspaper or use a plastic table cloth like we do with all our art activities. Pour paints into paper plates or shallow dish. Putti asked for red, blue, green, yellow and black. Putti then dipped the cups into the paint and made a print on paper.
Circle Stamping For Kids
Repeat the printing process with various sized circles and colors. Love the concentric circles Putti has made.
Circle Prints For Kids
  Recognise the medicine measuring cups used here. 
Printing Circle Kids Art
Go on until you have covered your paper lots of paint circles.
 Here are the round things that worked great to make circle prints with. The little colored ones are the bingo marker caps.
Circle art for kids
Here is the finished artwork all ready to be framed. Don't you love the end product too?
Circle Art for Kids
I am all for process based Kids Art and if the end product looks lovely then it is an added bonus. This circle printing is a perfect example of that.
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Brilliant picture! I love this idea and the end result here is just lovely.

I LOVE your idea. Going to do it with my class this year!

That is gorgeous and would look great framed as a piece of art. Can't believe how easy it was to make. Thanks! Vicky from

Good idea. It is bound to be a good invitation to play for a Saturday morning

This gives me a capital idea for our school leavers this spring. I think we will run a creativity contest for our toddlers to encourage their creativity.

I remember my daughter do a kind of art like that in our car. Well, I got angry of course but somehow I was happy to know that my daughter has a talent when it comes to art.

Thank you! I love how it turned out :)

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