Thursday, August 9, 2012

How To Make Paper Owls

This was all Putti's idea and they are very simple to make. Today she will show you how to make these Colorful Paper Owls.
Paper Owls
Owls have always fascinated Putti. She loves their big eyes and Barn Owl with a heart face is her favorite. She loves the wise Owl in the story of Winnie the Pooh. She has recently made these paper owls all by herself, the cutting, coloring and everything. When asked she said she saw this on TV which I doubt was at home, because none of the DVDs we have at home has anything like that and we don't have cable network. Well, anyways after having made a bunch of these colored ones she called out for me asking for my help to color and cut. 
How to make Paper Owls
I asked her if she wanted to make some with construction paper  that way she does not have to color and also I could take step by step photos to put on her blog. She really got excited and got to work. Here is how to make them:
  1. Take a construction paper and fold it horizontally in half.
  2. Then cut it along the fold to make 2 halves.
  3. One half is used for the body.
  4. The other half is folded again horizontally and cut.
  5. On the first part, draw zig zag lines as shown below and cut which will be the feathers. the cut triangles become the ears.
  6. From the second part, cut eyes and beak. Now you have all the parts ready for the owl.
Paper Owls
Then glue the parts to the body. Putti mixed and matched the colors here.
Paper Owl
 Draw eyeballs using a black marker and the owl is ready. Here is the finished paper owl.
Paper Owls
 Here is the whole lot of owls that Putti made. Recently she had a phase of making everything in multiples to take to her friends and teachers at school like with the rainbow hands.
Paper Owl
Owls  are the most celebrated of Halloween creatures along with spiders and bats. Guess we will be making more of these at Halloween too, maybe in browns and black.

Do your children teach you how to make things?

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Those are adorable. I love ALL owl crafts!

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


This looks like a really easy way to make an owl. Thanks for sharing this!

These are so cute! She did such a great job and made so many! :)


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